Resume Building

How To Create An Amazing Resume

Make yourself stand out to future employers. Hand them an awesome resume they won't forget!

What Your Resume Needs To Say About You

Your resume is pretty much a professional story about you. A resume should be tailored to accentuate your occupational skills, strengths and field knowledge. Crafting a perfect resume isn't always simple.

Don't be too personal in your resume details. It's one thing to highlight your knowledge, strengths and abilities, but it's also another thing to state how you like to jet-ski and enjoy going out to eat sushi. While you want to be unique, interesting and showcase a bit of your personality, you don't want your resume to resonate like a Facebook, Instagram or Yelp profile. That would be inviting someone to view your personality on a socially related note instead of on an occupation level. Keep your resume content professional and to a minimum.

"No president who performs his duties faithfully and conscientiously can have any leisure."

James K. Polk, The 11th President of the United States

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Final Touches Of The Resume

Make sure your resume includes all the information necessary to represent yourself on a piece of paper. In order to stand out, you must highlight your strengths and capabilities; your skillset and knowledge need to be worded in such a way that it does not bore/lull the recipient/reader. After all, you don't want potential employers to pass over your resume, you want them to call you for an interview!

Send your resume out to more than one potential employer. Make 10 copies for your resume when you are looking for a job. Don't give up when trying to find the perfect career. Though it's important to have an amazing and professional resume, do remember that rejection could occur as well. You might have the most stellar resume and an employer may still not choose you for an interview or to fill the position after an interview. Don't get discouraged.

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