Prepare For College

Taking those next steps to get ready for college.

Becoming a college student involves adapting to another academic institution and adjusting to college life. What are some ways to make this transition easier?


Having a college plan is key. You aren't enrolling in school because you haven't anything better to do. You have applied to college for a reason. And whether that reason is to earn a degree, to make your friends and family proud or to build a better future, make sure you have your priorities, schedules and finances in order.


Do they have the classes you want to take at a school that is local? Or do you need to attend school out of state because of your program of interest? Decide on a school that is within your reach, economically, geographically and mentally. Be sure of where you would like to get educated and find a course schedule that you can handle.


Stay on track, go to class, study diligently and complete your assignments. Be prepared to feel a bit more freedom in college as opposed to high school. As a young adult, you decide on whether you truly want to attend your classes for the day or not. Obeying your hunger for education should give you the right motivation to follow your goals of scholastic achievement.


If you're going away to school, make sure your lodging has been arranged. Whether you're living in a dorm or somewhere else close to school, don't wait until the last minute to shop for everything you need. Make sure you have all your textbooks and other school supplies or classroom materials.


Visiting the school you'll be attending or becoming familiar with the college of your choice could make you feel more comfortable. Get to know the campus you will be attending and it's surroundings. However, if you decide to go the online schools route, then simply familiarize yourself with their curriculum and institution and gather as much information as you can about their academic history and accreditation.


Being in college could beckon other opportunities to reveal themselves. From academic opportunities to career ones. Once you become a college student and have invested your time into studying, learning and passing your classes; graduating will seem that much closer.

Getting Organized for College

Once you get accepted and enroll for school, a new set of priorities pops up. From your course schedule, homework, studying, buying textbooks, school materials, other expenses and your personal life; staying organized is essential when you have a mountain of daily tasks. Keeping a daily calendar of everything you have to do could be a tremendous help in sticking to your deadlines.




Be Ready, College Awaits

You can never be too prepared for college. Having an abundance of school information and materials at your fingertips is crucial, you never know when you may need to reference or use it. Have your transcripts and other documentation ready to start the application process.

"He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Poet, critic and philosopher)

-Don't be hasty, take your time in creating your college roadmap.-

"I will prepare and someday my chance will come."

Abraham Lincoln (The 16th President of the United States)

College Prep List

Top 3 Colleges And Majors

Here is a list of America's Top Colleges 2014, as gathered from Forbes magazine online:

# School Name Type Of School Location
1 Williams College Private College Williamstown, Massachusetts
2 Stanford University University Stanford, California
3 Swarthmore College Private College Swarthmore, PA

The Top 3 College Majors as gathered from The Princetown Review :

# College Major Concentration Online or Campus
1 Business Management (None) Both
2 Psychology (None) Both
3 Nursing (None) Both

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