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Financing A College Education

How much does college cost? Find information on financial options for your education.

Paying for College

A college education requires funding. Sometimes students need assistance with paying for their tuition and other school expenses. There are various resources for students to find financial aid.

Types Of Financial Aid

Federal Grants Online
State Grants Online
Federal Student Loans Online
Institutional Aid From Your College or Career School Visit Your School's Financial Aid Page Online
Non-Profit Or Private Organizations Who Offer Scholarships Or Grants Online

School and Other Personal Loans

Looking for a loan to help you pay for college? Read more about where you can apply for alternate types of loans for your education.

School and Other Personal Loans

High School Student Loans Student, sometimes needs a Co-signer

Private Student Loans

Federal Student Loans

Undergraduate Student Loans The Undergraduate Student, sometimes needs a Co-signer

Federal College Student Loans

Private Undergraduate Loans

Graduate Student Loans Graduate Student

Federal Graduate Student Loans

Private Graduate Loans

Parent Student Loans Student's Parent

Direct Plus Loans

Private Loans

Continuing Education Loan

Adult Professionals


Private Student Loans

Loan Repayment Plan Options


Some students qualify for scholarships. Find out what types of scholarships are being offered in your area.


Average Academic Performance Scholarships Average Student Online
Scholarships for Minorities

African American


Native Americans

Military Scholarship

Military Families


Scholarship for Students with Learning Disabilities Students with Learning Disabilities Online
Scholarship for Moms Mothers Online
Athletic Scholarship Male and Female Athletes Online
Scholarship for Returning Students

Women trying to re-enter the workforce

Adults changing careers

Professionals returning to school for advanced degrees

Technology Scholarship

Students with the following majors:



Computer Science


Veteran Scholarship


Veterans Families

Community Service Scholarship Students who are involved in volunteering and community service Online

Weighing All Your Options

Before you start getting discouraged about not having enough money to attend college, make sure you have looked at all of your options. You may have left a financial resource stone unturned. The cost of school doesn't have to burden you, find out if you qualify for financial aid, through student loans, grants or scholarships.

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