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Are you intrigued by criminolgy? Do you want to learn more about laws and crime? Taking into consideration that some people just don't have time to attend school on campus, pursuing an online Criminal Justice and Security degree may be just the right move. Online courses allow a student the flexibility to study wherever they are. Attending classes on campus, may not be congruent with your schedule, so an online degree program could be the perfect option.

So which online school has the best criminal justice and security degree program? This will truly depend on what type of degree you would like to obtain and what concentration of Criminal Justice you would like to study. Schools local to you may be offering online courses in Criminal Justice and Security, or you might stumble upon an online school you've never heard of that offers the perfect online classes you need to complete a Criminal Justice degree. Definitely do some thorough research of all of the online schools you're interested in and choose the one that offers the right criminal justice program for your needs.

"Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both."

Eleanor Roosevelt, Wife of the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Working Towards A Criminal Justice and Security Career

During the course of your Criminal Justice and Security studies, you should be able to learn the basics of Criminal Justice and Security. Criminal Justice and Security programs that are offered online might range from: Criminal Investigation, Criminal Procedure, and Introduction to the Criminal Justice System.

Once you have earned your degree in Criminal Justice and Security, you may be ready to look for a job pertinent to everything you have learned. Where will you be able to use this degree? Whose hiring for the type of credentials you possess? For the most part, people who have a degree in Criminal Justice and Security generally find positions as correctional officers, private detectives and investigators, or other types of criminal justice related jobs. You may want to conduct a job search and scroll through job postings to see what jobs you would like to apply to after earning your criminology degree.

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