Master's Degrees In Hydrology

Water, we all drink it, we all need it. So who examines our water supply? A hydrologist does.

Flow Into A Hydrology Degree

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A master's degree in hydrology will prepare you for a career as a hydrologist and will provide you the opportunity to make a seamless transition from an Master's degree in hydrology to a Doctoral degree in engineering or another related field.

Water dam flowing.

Water Dam

Studying To Be A Hydrologist

Our bodies are dependent on water. We drink water to survive. So who ensures the safety of our drinking water? Is there a group of people that studies our water quality and resources? Yes, there is. Hydrologists are known to study and analyze how water influences the environment and how modifications to the environment can effect the quality and quantities of water. If you're considering entering this profession, as a student, you will need extensive coursework in math, statistics, and physical, computer, and life sciences.

Hydrology Degree Program

To earn an Master's degree in , you could enroll in either online or campus based classes. The typical courses that may be required to complete this degree could range from Fundamentals of Ecology, Soil Behavior, Geological Data Analysis, Hydrochemical Modeling, Water Politics and Policy.

Deciding On The Right School

You may find yourself debating on where you want to attend school. There are several institutions that offer Master's degree programs in Hydrology.

A couple of schools offer online degree programs in hydrology they are:

  • Atlantic International University
  • University of Illinois

There are also some campus based schools, that offer master's degree programs in Hydrology, such as:

  • Colorado School Of Mines
  • UC Davis
  • University Of Washington

The Need For More Hydrologists?

Futures for aspiring hydrologists should be promising. With population expansion into regions that were uninhabited before may put these areas at risk for flooding, and new communities may experience problems with water availability. Hydrologists will be needed to assess the threats that global climate change has on local, state and national water supplies.

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