Certificate Degrees In Welding

Want a career where you could join metals together? Become a welder.

Earn A Degree In Welding

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A certificate degree in welding will prepare you for a career as a welder and will provide you the opportunity to make a seamless transition from a certificate degree in welding to an associate's degree in another production related field.

A Welder at Work.

A Welder at Work

The Work Of A Welder

When some people think of fire and metal, the first thing that might come to their mind is welding? The work that welders do and the tools they use differ per industry. The most common type of welding today, arc welding, uses electrical currents to generate heat and link metals together-but there are more than 100 different processes that a welder can use. The type of weld usually is determined by the types of metals being fused together and the circumstances under which the welding is to take place.

Welding Degree Program

To earn a certficate degree in Welding, you could enroll in either online or campus based classes. The typical courses that may be required to complete this degree could range from courses or lessons in: Welding Fundamentals, Safety in Welding, Fabrication Math I, and Understanding Welding Symbols.

Deciding On The Right School

You may find yourself debating on which school you want to apply to. There are several institutions that offer certificate degree programs in Welding.

A few of the schools that offer online degree programs in Welding are:

  • CDA Technical Institute
  • Ohio State University
  • Baker College

There are also some campus based schools, that offer certificate degree programs in Welding, such as:

  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Pittsburgh Technical Institute
  • El Camino College

Finding A Welding Career

This occupation shows a job growth that is indicative of the need for welders in manufacturing. Most likely this is due to the significance and variety of welding as a manufacturing process. Fundamental skills in welding are similar across industries, so welders could smoothly transition from one industry to next, depending on where they are required the most. Namely, welders laid off in the automotive manufacturing industry may be able to find work in the oil and gas industry. Welders can find employment in a widely diverse set of industries, from manufacturing to automobile racing.

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