Building And Grounds Cleaning

While improving and maintaining the appearance of a space is hard work, it is well-appreciated by those who live and work in it. The dedicated professionals in this category devote their time and energy to taking care of public and private places. Housekeeping, pest control, grounds and outdoor maintenance, gardening, and building cleaning all fall under this category. Tasks required may vary between jobs, and as they often provide only part-time work, a worker may need more than one to ensure a full work-week.

This is often very physical work, requiring energy and stamina. Depending upon the location, one custodian can manage duties alone, or an entire team may be needed. The standards of cleanliness and order also vary, requiring different depths of maintenance tools and knowledge. Workers can be self-employed at small homes or work for companies that manage large buildings. Work ethic and work quality speak volumes here, and are a testament to future success.

Common responsibilities include:

  • Estimating services required approximate costs
  • Informing managers of site problems and planning alternative ways to tackle the issues
  • Cleaning duties in private homes, hotels, businesses, and public buildings
  • Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and care in an environment Improving the appearance of indoor and outdoor spaces, through regular upkeep
  • Repairing and maintaining the basic functioning of the building (water, heating, electricity, etc.) and evaluating whether further assistance is needed


The professions prioritize improvement! From outdoor gardens to indoor classrooms, building and grounds workers improve the cleanliness and condition of an area, to make it more enjoyable and habitable. Workers in these positions spend their time on indoor and outdoor cleaning, and facilities maintenance of many kinds. These duties can include, among others, housekeeping, preservation and upkeep, and pest control.

Higher education is not required for most jobs in this category (though it doesn’t hurt, either). On-the-job training is more valuable; learning how to complete specific task, use certain tools, and maintain a high standard of quality the goal of good training. The training required also depends on the requirements for a specific job. Pest control workers, for example, typically must be licensed—this means some amount of technical training and work experience (the exact requirements many not be the same in every state).

Advancing in these careers comes with work experience, to promotions as managers and supervisors. Workers who prove themselves to be reliable, responsible, and highly competent will move up the ladder faster. After years of working for other companies, some workers may decide to start their own business and feel confident in pursuing jobs on their own.


  • Interpersonal skills Because so much of the work happens in places people use, it is important for employees to be polite and considerate to clients and customers. Jobs in this category can also employ teams to speed up the process, so the ability to communicate and work well with others is valuable.
  • Physical stamina. Workers will spend hours on their feet, often in physically active and/or demanding activities. They must be able to complete their tasks in a timely fashion, so physical fitness is extremely helpful.
  • Detail oriented. In this category, success is all about quality. How well the completed work meets the employer’s standards is a critical aspect of job performance here. Many positions require workers to closely and thoroughly follow set instructions, for the safety and benefit of those who live and work in the space.
  • Self-motivated. Although the work may be tackled in teams, workers in building and grounds cleaning often work alone. Without a supervisor’s constant monitoring, the worker must have full understanding of the projects and the standards he or she must complete. The timeliness, quality, and quantity of work should be clear to a manager or supervisor.


Jobs growth projections differ depending on the exact occupation, but many fall-in with the overall national average expectations. As some industries, like those concerning healthcare and landscaping, are expected to increase in activity, job opportunities in those areas should increase, too.

  Occupation Description Entry-Level Education 2012 Median Pay
Grounds maintenance workers Grounds maintenance workers

Grounds maintenance workers provide a pleasant outdoor environment by ensuring that the grounds of houses, businesses, and parks are attractive, orderly, and healthy. '

No formal education $23,970
Janitors and building cleaners Janitors and building cleaners

Janitors and building cleaners keep many types of buildings clean, orderly, and in good condition.'

Less than high school $22,320
Maids and housekeeping cleaners Maids and housekeeping cleaners

Maids and housekeeping cleaners do general cleaning tasks, including making beds and vacuuming halls, in private homes and commercial establishments.'

Less than high school $19,570
Pest control workers Pest control workers Pest control workers control, manage, or remove unwanted creatures, such as roaches, rats, ants, termites, and bedbugs, that infest buildings and surrounding areas.' High school diploma or equivalent $30,060

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