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There are many tech schools in the United States. However, few schools offer the same types of college-level training classes as those taught at WyoTech. Dedicated instructors who are passionate about their fields support the students at WyoTech throughout their training; this is why graduates continue to recommend this school to others.

There are six WyoTech campus locations:

  • WyoTech Fremont, California
  • WyoTech Long Beach, California
  • WyoTech Sacramento, California
  • WyoTec hDaytona, Florida
  • WyoTech Blairsville, Pennsylvania
  • WyoTech Laramie, Wyoming

Each California campus location has a unique setting. The Wyotech Fremont campus is in the middle of Silicon Valley and is part of a high-tech industrial park. The Wyotech campus at Long Beach is smaller and more relaxed; it is next to the Pacific Coast Highway. The third California campus, in Sacramento, is located in the heart of the metropolitan area.

The other campuses are quite different, too. The Wyotech Daytona campus is mid-sized, but it is set in the city that is the home of the NASCAR Daytona 500, Bike Week, Race Week, and Biketoberfest. This all means that the city can be packed with tourists at times. As for Blairsville, it is a beautiful WyoTech campus and is spread over 27 acres of land. The Laramie campus is the largest location; it was founded in 1966.

Campus Life
There are housing choices available for students in or near each campus location. The WyoTech Fremont campus has furnished apartments within a mile of the WyoTech campus. The Student Services Departments at the Long Beach, Sacramento, and Daytona campuses provide referrals for students who need assistance in finding housing. As for the WyoTech Blairsville campus, there are safe and affordable housing options in two nearby locations. The Laramie campus has four on-campus housing complexes.

Most of the WyoTech campus locations offer free bus transportation to students to and from the campus and within the community. There is also parking available for students.

Academic Programs
WyoTech offers eight core fields of study:

  • Automotive Technology: WyoTech students who choose this program learn to work with and tweak engines as well as how to diagnose engine problems and rebuild engines.
  • Collision Refinishing: This program teaches the skills necessary to work in automotive body construction. Students learn how to weld, repair, and refinish vehicles.
  • Diesel Technology: WyoTech students learn how to work with the diesel engines found in big rigs, tractors, bulldozers, and more.
  • Electrical Program: Graduates of this program can become entry-level repair or maintenance electricians.
  • Marine Technology: Students learn how to work with and repair marine engine systems.
  • Motorcycle Technology: Diagnosing and repairing motorcycle engines is the focus of this WyoTech program.
  • Plumbing: The plumbing program trains students with the newest industry technologies as well as in plumbing basics.
  • Residential HVAC: Students of this WyoTech program learn the necessary skills to work in HVAC service and repair.

Interesting WyoTech Information
WyoTech schools help active-duty military and honorably discharged veterans gain career training by providing them with an Armed Services Scholarship Program. Participants receive a savings of 15% of their program tuition.

WyoTech has at least one famous graduate—Jessi Combs, former co-host of Spike TV’s Xtreme 4 x 4. Combs graduated from the Collision Refinishing program in 2004.

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