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Learning Any Time Of The Day

1195972_the_graduateOne of the best parts about learning online is that most schools will allow you to learn any time of the day. In fact, colleges like University of Phoenix Online encourages their students to learn when they are most likely to absorb the information. This means that they prefer people to learn when they are ready to learn so that they optimize their learning experience.

This approach translates into a better chance for students trying to learn complex issues by allowing them the chance to learn the details of their field when their brain is ready to take it in.  Most 0nline schools don’t have set times that classes begin and end like traditional schools, but instead they require students to make interactions several times a day for almost a full week.  The interactions don’t require a time of day that they happen so students can sign in the morning, afternoon, or evening. education article »

10 Steps To Becoming A Registered Nurse

1158334_nurseii_1According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 2 million jobs for nurses in the country, and the profession is one of the 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs in the coming years.

With this in mind, it’s a good time to look at a career as a registered nurse or other nursing related careers.  There are many benefits to having a nursing career like job security, health benefits, competitive income, and many more.  However, for people that want a career in nursing, but not sure how to get started, the following are 10 steps to becoming a registered nurse that will help get you on the way. education article »

Reason Why I Should Go To College

1021397_graduate_at_lastThe “reason why I should go to college” is different for each person, but there are some basic principles that apply for everyone. First of all, you should know that it’s pretty normal to look around near the end of high school, or even later in life when you’re busy with a job and a family, and think that college isn’t that important.

When the end of high school is approaching, a familiar cry is “just one semester.” Many students just tired of the whole school experience and dream of taking a semester off school to do what they want and pursue their own interests away from an academic institution. It could be just general burnout after 4 hard years of high school and the strain of going to school all day and holding down a part time job or two as well. education article »

College Sports Are Just One Way To Pay For College

343364_baseballEveryone knows that if you are a good athlete colleges will provide scholarships to go to their schools. These scholarships often pay for some, most, or all of the tuition costs, books, and other things needed for college students to survive.

Having a college provide a scholarship to play sports is a great way to pay for college, but there are other ways to pay for college that don’t always involved sports.

The main goal for just about anyone going to college is figure out how to pay for it, aside from which college they are going to. education article »

10 Tips To Help Choose The Right Online School

983446_literature_2Going to school to earn a degree today is a lot different than it was say 20 years ago. Over two decades ago the first online schools were forming, and UOP Online was the first to arrive in the late 80’s.

Today, there are hundreds of schools offering either some classes or all classes online. With so many choices in online schools, how does a person know which online school is right for them.

The following are tips will help shed some light on items to look for when researching online schools and some ways to help choose the right online school. education article »

College Profile Communities

The following college profile communities are available to DotSchools viewers.  To participate or engage in these communities, users must be registered or logged in.  Please feel free to browse the following list of college profile communities and select one to begin interacting with that college community.  We hope that alumni, students, and others will share reviews, tips, and other information about their school or college so that new students can get an idea of what to expect when they attend the school or college. education article »

Online MBA degree: Why You Should Go For It

66428_graduation_dayMBA is the short form of Master of Business Administration. This is an advanced degree planned to educate people about the skills required to efficiently handle an organization at a higher level or to assist a new business to do well.

It’s a familiar concept that getting an MBA degree can improve your career (together with your salary). Extensive demand in a range of sectors indicates that you can penetrate into any industry with an online MBA degree in your hands.

Which sectors need MBAs? education article »

10 Things NOT To Do During A Job Interview

861513_interviewThe new year is here and this means that some people will be looking for a new job or trying to find a better career choice.  With the job market just starting to rebound and people trying to hone their interview skills to set them apart from the competition, we thought this would be a good time to put out our 10 thing to not do during a job interview process.

These 10 things of what not to do in an interview will give you an advantage over people that are not familiar with these items and may be the difference maker in finding a good job in 2010. education article »

Reason Why College Education Is Important

784498_graduationPeople with a college education can earn more money on average than people that don’t have a college education. This is no secret, but it does show how important college education is today, but for those that don’t think earning more money is enough, the following are some reasons why college education is important.

Studies prove it: Continue your education after high school and you’re likely to make more money than people who stop at high school. As an example, a college graduate can afford to buy a large, flat-screen TV in 1–2 months while a non-college graduate might have to work for 3–4 months to buy the same TV. education article »

10 Reasons To Go To An Online School

554897_callcenter-150x150Having a college degree is almost as standard for today’s business world as it is to have email.  Companies, as well as individuals, know the people with a college education are more likely to excel at their given tasks than a person without a college degree. In addition, today’s business world is face page and involves many facets of communication, learning, and experience in order to be successful.

For people that don’t have a college degree, or for those that want to earn another degree, going to school online give some advantages as well as prepares the person for working in today’s online business environment. education article »

10 Reasons To Go Back To School

768095_studyEveryone is looking for ways to get ahead these days and to find an advantage to help them get more out of life.  However, one of the most basic ways to improve one’s life is to gain more knowledge.

higher education makes a person more valuable and gives them more options in life.

For people that are trying to decide if going back to school is right for them, the following may help by providing 10 reasons to go back to school. education article »

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