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College Sports Are Just One Way To Pay For College

343364_baseballEveryone knows that if you are a good athlete colleges will provide scholarships to go to their schools. These scholarships often pay for some, most, or all of the tuition costs, books, and other things needed for college students to survive.

Having a college provide a scholarship to play sports is a great way to pay for college, but there are other ways to pay for college that don’t always involved sports.

The main goal for just about anyone going to college is figure out how to pay for it, aside from which college they are going to. education article »

College Profile Communities

The following college profile communities are available to DotSchools viewers.  To participate or engage in these communities, users must be registered or logged in.  Please feel free to browse the following list of college profile communities and select one to begin interacting with that college community.  We hope that alumni, students, and others will share reviews, tips, and other information about their school or college so that new students can get an idea of what to expect when they attend the school or college. education article »

Online MBA degree: Why You Should Go For It

66428_graduation_dayMBA is the short form of Master of Business Administration. This is an advanced degree planned to educate people about the skills required to efficiently handle an organization at a higher level or to assist a new business to do well.

It’s a familiar concept that getting an MBA degree can improve your career (together with your salary). Extensive demand in a range of sectors indicates that you can penetrate into any industry with an online MBA degree in your hands.

Which sectors need MBAs? education article »

Reason Why College Education Is Important

784498_graduationPeople with a college education can earn more money on average than people that don’t have a college education. This is no secret, but it does show how important college education is today, but for those that don’t think earning more money is enough, the following are some reasons why college education is important.

Studies prove it: Continue your education after high school and you’re likely to make more money than people who stop at high school. As an example, a college graduate can afford to buy a large, flat-screen TV in 1–2 months while a non-college graduate might have to work for 3–4 months to buy the same TV. education article »

Your Future in Health Care

nurse2A health care or nursing degree will unlock the door to a number of high paying professions in the medical field. Allow DotSchools to find your accredited college degree – we’ll match you with online programs and college campuses that fit your criteria.

A college degree is vital to your success in the health care industry!

Are you tired of examining hundreds of online programs and universities trying to find the right school? Take a deep breath and let DotSchools locate college campuses, online schools, distance learning programs, and even doctorate degrees that fit your academic and career goals as a health care professional. education article »

What Earning Your Degree Means to Your Future

1198416_businessPropel your professional future with an accredited college degree – online programs and university campus locations are enrolling now!

A college education is an investment that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re considering earning a college degree, DotSchools will match you with local campuses, online colleges, distance learning programs, and even doctorate degrees that fit your lifestyle and academic and professional pursuits.

The following talks about what earning your degree means to your future. education article »

Types of College Degrees

1127725_pile_of_booksNo matter what level of degree you aspire to earn, each serves a unique purpose that will undoubtedly fulfill your personal and professional goals.  Plus – each of these types of college degrees, whether it’s a Certificate, Associate Degree, Diploma, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, or even Doctorate Degree, are offered in a variety of learning settings that accommodate your current lifestyle.

Your current level of education will directly influence which type of college degree you apply for in most cases.  Although, despite your level of education, it’s important to select a college degree program based on your criteria. education article »

Online Education

383157_online_phoneThis being 2014, online degree programs are a major force in adult education. Working adults in record numbers want to find college degrees online so that they can get their degrees without sacrificing their jobs and other obligations.

There are a few thousand online colleges operating today, but only a few hundred that are fully accredited by the appropriate agencies, something you should always check before enrolling.  Over 10% of all college students took most or all of their classes online in the last year–that’s over 2 million students in accredited online colleges.

Enrollment has gone up steadily as more and more people have access to the Internet, and more people feel comfortable with the idea of an alternative education. education article »

Campus Education

784498_graduationCollege enrollment is expected to increase for 2014.  In fact, enrollment for many types of college degrees is projected to continue to set new records throughout the fall of 2017 based upon the enrollment growth that has occurred within the last ten years.  Over the last decade, the number of full-time college students has increased by more than 35% and the number of part-time students has grown by more than 15%.

Most of these students find college degrees at campus-based schools, although some do find college degrees online.  Currently, there are a total of 4,182 campus based colleges and universities in the United States.   education article »

Before You Apply

1195962_chattingCongratulations on the efforts you’ve made to advance your education, career, and ultimately, your life.  Choosing a college is a huge step.

Whether you intend to take online classes, attend a campus based university, or both, there are certain things you need to accomplish before deciding on a school.

The following information will help students prepare for enrolling into college and what they should do before they apply for college. education article »

DotSchools Blog Is Live!

1196047_the_pondering_gradWelcome to the new Dotschools Blog! This is where we’ll be sharing lots of valuable information to help current or aspiring students who seek a path for higher learning.  They can obtain the necessary data to find the right college degree, earn a degree, and to advance in their careers.

In addition to information that will help students find the right college, Dotschools provides a college search to match students and college seekers with the schools that are right for them and can search for both online colleges and campus-based universities from across the nation.

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