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Many students choose Colorado Technical University (CTU) because this school’s programs have been developed to meet the demands of a technology-driven workforce. CTU provides students with current, industry-specific training that suits the needs of the real world. This ensures that graduating students are able to quickly find employment and reach their career goals.

There are five campus locations for Colorado Technical University:

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Pueblo, Colorado
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

There is also a CTU Institute for Advanced Studies. It is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Each campus location of the Colorado Technical University is set in a large city. This helps to keep the education at CTU as convenient as possible for students. It also allows CTU to accommodate the busy lifestyles of students. And, by being located within large cities, CTU is better able to affiliate with local companies and businesses, which helps to provide both educational opportunities and possible employment opportunities to students.

Online Classes
Colorado Technical University has a virtual campus through which students can take courses and earn degrees online. Just about anything that can be accomplished through a traditional college campus can be achieved through Colorado Tech Online. Students are able to interact with their classmates and instructors. There are also social clubs and extracurricular activities within the college’s Virtual Commons. Learning online through Colorado Technical University can be a great way for many students to fit a college education into their busy lifestyles.

Campus Life
There is no on-campus housing for Colorado Technical University. Students can, however, speak to representatives at their campus for assistance in locating housing if necessary. Representatives may also be able to help students locate roommates to share housing costs, if desired. It is usually not difficult to locate housing that is near public transportation, so students have no difficulty getting to campus. Parking for students on campus is also available, though, for students who do not use public transportation.

Students at CTU are able to use the latest technology in order to enhance their classroom experiences—or even to substitute for the classroom, in some cases. Study materials are often available through the internet, giving students an increased ability to succeed. Instructors can also be reached online if necessary.

Despite the technology-driven atmosphere at CTU, there is still a personal approach to each student’s education. The dedicated, professional instructors are available to give one-on-one assistance to students. Tutoring and study groups can also be arranged on campus.

Academic Programs
Not every CTU campus offers every program of study or every degree level opportunity. Here is a listing of all of the possible program areas that are available:

  • Business Management
  • Criminal Justice and Public Administration
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Interdepartmental Degree

The various campuses may offer diplomas, and they may offer Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees.

Interesting Colorado Technical University Information:

CTU has a Department of Military Education which assists military members and their spouses in transitioning to Colorado Technical University. All textbooks and course materials are offered at no cost to the military, and military experience may be considered for transfer credit.

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