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Financial Aid Check List For Adults Going Back to School

Are you and an adult thinking about going back to school? Want to know how to prepare for college or career school?

A check list from the U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education has provided Checklist for adults who are thinking of applying to college, including those who left high school before graduating, graduated high school, completed some college courses, or may be in the workforce.

To Do:

  • Look into getting a General Educational Development (GED) certificate if you don’t have a high school diploma; try searching online for “GED certificate” and your state’s name.
  • Check the Yellow Pages and ask employers to recommend schools that provide training in the skills you will need for the career you choose.
  • Ask your employer if assistance is available to help you pay for school.
  • Get to know the financial aid staff at the school you plan to attend; they can help you with aid applications and explain the types of aid available.

To Explore:

Going Back To College?

Why is going back to college on your mind lately? Is it because your degree or certificate will help you get a better job or promotion? Are you bored and going back to college is a way out of your current situation? Are you retired and want the thrill of working for a degree you’ve always desired by going back to college?

Does Your Company Offer Tuition Reimbursement When Going Back To College?
Many companies offer to reimburse employees for the cost of going back to college. They stand to benefit when you go back to college. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, take advantage of the opportunity. You get an education and a better job, and they get a smarter, more-skilled employee. Everybody wins when you go back to college.

teacher-mbaDo I Have Time to Go Back To College?

Life demands different things of us at different stages. Is this a good time for you to go back to college? Do you have the time you’ll need to go to class, read, and study? Will you still have time to work, to enjoy your family, to live your life if you go back to college?

Is Going Back to College Easier Online?
Yes. With online colleges offering every type of degree or certificate possible, online college courses save time and money. Whether you take classes at home, work or at your local coffee shop, going back to college can be much easier with online courses. Many online course even offer night and weekend classes since they know a large portion of students going back to college work during the day.

Going back to college and want to know which online college is right for you?apply

Is a College Degree Important?

As you consider the college you want to attend, or consider going back to college, you may ask yourself. “Is a college degree important?”

Caution College Degree Needed1) With the sheer amount of job candidates and the unemployment rate near 9%, a college degree can help you stand out.

2) Companies see someone with a college degree as an employee that will complete tasks, stay the course, commit to the employer and stick around for a substantial amount of time. The college degree is important because it proves your sacrifice to spend 2 to 4 years attending college and getting your diploma.

3) Some top companies won’t even consider a candidate unless they have a college degree. This makes having a college degree important.

Why else is a College Degree Important?

While knowledge can be powerful, a college degree can also help boost your earning potential. Fulfill Your Earning Potential Annual earnings based on degree. The Department of Education

- 4-Year Degree – $53,000 / year
- 2-Year Degree – $39,000 / year
- High School – $32,000 / year
- No High School – $24,000 / Year

Start a career in one of Today’s Hottest Industries:

Arts Degree
Business Degree
Computer Degree
Counseling and Psychology Degree
Criminal Justice Degree
Culinary Degree
Degree Completion Degree
Dental Degree
Education Degree
Engineering Degree
English Degree
Massage Degree
MBA Degree
Mechanical Degree
Medical Degree
Nursing Degree
Other Degree
Religion Degree
Veterinary Degree
Science Degree
Arts and Sciences Degree
Communications Degree
Environmental Studies Degree
  • Arts Degree
  • Business Degree
  • Computer Degree
  • Counseling and Psychology Degree
  • Criminal Justice Degree
  • Culinary Degree
  • Degree Completion Degree
  • Dental Degree
  • Education Degree
  • Engineering Degree
  • English Degree
  • Massage Degree
  • MBA Degree
  • Mechanical Degree
  • Medical Degree
  • Nursing Degree
  • Other Degree
  • Religion Degree
  • Veterinary Degree
  • Science Degree
  • Arts and Sciences Degree
  • Communications Degree
  • Environmental Studies Degree

Now when you ask yourself, “Is a college degree important?” You know the answer, “Yes it is.”

How Long Does it Take to Get a College Degree in Meteorology

1269245_sun_burstMeteorology, despite how it sounds, isn’t the study of meteors or space objects but rather the science of the atmosphere. Meteorology also isn’t just something that your local weather forecaster understands but it’s rather an ancient science that dates back to Aristotle. Today’s meteorologists use a variety of tools like satellites and advanced radar systems to help them understand weather patterns and atmospheric conditions. Using these tools and their knowledge of atmospheric science, they’re able to predict weather patterns and warn people of coming storms and problems. Not all meteorologists are weather people on the news, but many study the atmosphere for weather research and education. How long does it take to get a college degree in meteorology? That depends on whether you want a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. education article »

Can I Teach College Classes with an MBA Degree

teacher-mbaMany graduates who want to expand their career opportunities wonder, “Can I teach college classes with an MBA degree?” The answer to that question is both yes and no because it depends a great deal on what you want to teach and where you want to teach it. Most university professors actually have doctorate degrees and not just MBA degrees. These are the professors who can write papers and apply for grants to get research money as well as qualify for tenure. Some people do teach at universities with only MBA degrees but they are not typically called professors. They’re called instructors and are typically on their way toward a PhD, and there are limits to the classes that they can teach. They usually instruct undergraduate classes in basic business concepts. Many of the instructors at community colleges, however, hold MBA degrees. education article »

10 Steps To Becoming A Paralegal

68916_law_education_series_2Becoming a paralegal is a rewarding and lucrative career choice.  Paralegals work along side lawyers to help them with their cases, research, workload, filings, and other duties that lawyers need assistance with.

As of May 2007, the average paralegal in the US made just below $50,000 a year, but salaries can range between $35k and $100k per year depending on what sector the paralegal is working in.

For those that want a career as a paralegal, the following are 10 steps to help become a paralegal. education article »

10 Steps To Becoming An Educator

1195959_explanationThe world needs educators and teachers.  This was true years ago, and is still true to today.  Having the ability to educate someone is a vital part of society and one that more people should be considering. To become an educator today, a person would be required to obtain a college degree in their selected field of study, as well as pass qualification tests to be able to work in the public sector.

The education industry needs more qualified people to help mold and grow our youth today, and to ensure that our children will have the proper education to make a difference. For those that want to get started in a career as an educator, the following are 10 steps to becoming an educator. education article »

Earning a Degree in 2012

1029826_top_education_2Looking at the economy today, and the state of the job market over the last year or two, some people might wonder if earning a college degree now is a good decision. After all, many people have been seeking work for several months, or even over a year, with little luck.

Can earning a college degree in 2012 really help?

The answer is yes—earning a degree can definitely lead you to more employment opportunities. It can also lead you to better employment opportunities. education article »

Learning Any Time Of The Day

1195972_the_graduateOne of the best parts about learning online is that most schools will allow you to learn any time of the day. In fact, colleges like University of Phoenix Online encourages their students to learn when they are most likely to absorb the information. This means that they prefer people to learn when they are ready to learn so that they optimize their learning experience.

This approach translates into a better chance for students trying to learn complex issues by allowing them the chance to learn the details of their field when their brain is ready to take it in.  Most 0nline schools don’t have set times that classes begin and end like traditional schools, but instead they require students to make interactions several times a day for almost a full week.  The interactions don’t require a time of day that they happen so students can sign in the morning, afternoon, or evening. education article »

10 Steps To Becoming A Registered Nurse

1158334_nurseii_1According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 2 million jobs for nurses in the country, and the profession is one of the 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs in the coming years.

With this in mind, it’s a good time to look at a career as a registered nurse or other nursing related careers.  There are many benefits to having a nursing career like job security, health benefits, competitive income, and many more.  However, for people that want a career in nursing, but not sure how to get started, the following are 10 steps to becoming a registered nurse that will help get you on the way. education article »

Reason Why I Should Go To College

1021397_graduate_at_lastThe “reason why I should go to college” is different for each person, but there are some basic principles that apply for everyone. First of all, you should know that it’s pretty normal to look around near the end of high school, or even later in life when you’re busy with a job and a family, and think that college isn’t that important.

When the end of high school is approaching, a familiar cry is “just one semester.” Many students just tired of the whole school experience and dream of taking a semester off school to do what they want and pursue their own interests away from an academic institution. It could be just general burnout after 4 hard years of high school and the strain of going to school all day and holding down a part time job or two as well. education article »

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