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Paying For College

college-kidsIt’s time to consider how you will be Paying For College.  This page brings together resources from across the internet to help you plan accordingly for your college future.  Read on!

Private Student Loans

A privately-funded student loan is a great way to ensure you are able to concentrate on your studies.

Request information from a non-government lender today.

Federal Grant, Scholarship and Loan Programs

The Federal Government has several options to help you pay for your education:

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Get Matched with Financial Aid

Sites such as offer recommendations from over 15,500 high schools and 3,500 colleges that refer to it as the nation’s largest, most accurate and most frequently updated scholarship database online, the site offers information on free scholarships, personalized scholarship matching, internships, part-time jobs and financial aid and student loan tips.

Alternative Ways to Pay for College


If you or your future student are not awarded a full scholarship or large grant to an online education or campus based education of your choosing, there are other financing options available.  Some however, may require you become creative in your search for educational funds.

Financial aid for mega-fans! If you’re a fan of Star Trek you could be eligible for a $500 scholarship from The Klingon Language Institute’s Kor Memorial Scholarship (  The funds are awarded to recognize and encourage scholarship in fields of language study, and according to the institute.

Got milk?  Then you have a chance for a college scholarship.  Students can apply for the SAMMY–Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year—scholarship that awards $7,500 in scholarship money to awarded to graduating high school seniors (  SAMMY recognizes 25 high school senior student athletes who demonstrate excellence in academics, athletics, community service, leadership and include milk as part of their healthy lifestyles.

Little People of America is a nonprofit organization awards monies ranging from $250 to $1,000-plus to prospective and current students attending college or vocational school in the U.S. (  The organization supports people of short stature (4′10″ or less) due to dwarfism.

For those of taller stature the Tall Clubs International (, which is a not-for-profit social organization for tall adults (6’ 2” for men and 5’10” for women), will award up to $1,000 awards to students under age 21 attending their first year of college the next Fall.

Saving During College

962619_studying_on_the_sideTuition is generally the largest payment hurdle to overcome.  However, once school’s started chances are there will still be items to pay for regardless of where the degree is earned.  Fortunately there are various and simple ways for students to budget costs and even save during their academic tenure.

One quick way to save whether earning an Associate degree or Bachelors degree is by enrolling in an accelerated degree program that can save a significant amount of money by reducing the amount of time spent at school.

While much of college life is spent reading and preparing for tests, there will be down time even if you’re earning your online degree.  You can save a few bucks here and there while getting that much deserved rest and relaxation. Consider renting a movie (or borrowing it for free from the school or public library) instead of shelling out $8 at the box office.

Stretch your funds by seizing discount opportunities for the things you really need.  Look for end-of-season, holiday and/or tax-free shopping weekends for bargains on clothes, computers and other items.

It is well known that textbooks are one of the most expensive college purchases.  Often times costing a couple hundred dollars for even one semester.  Talk to classmates and friends who have already taken the course and consider selling them again once you’ve completed the class.  There are several sites that sell used books as well including or

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