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Are College Sports A Distraction From Learning At College Campuses

292922_ou_vs__texas_cotton_bowlCollege is a time where you are supposed to be getting the education you need to get started in your chosen career field. There will be lots of distractions which will make it difficult for you to study and stay focused on what you are at college for. There are necessary distractions which enrich the college life and unnecessary distractions which make it difficult for some students to graduate on time if at all. Some people feel that college sports are one of the distractions that students do not need in their academic career.

The impact of college sports teams:

It is undeniable the amount of money having a successful sports program can bring in for a college. Patrons include alumni and other people who just simply enjoy the college sports program. They spend money on not just the price of admission to see the team. They also spend money on concessions and paraphernalia of all sorts. This generates money in the millions that the college can use for other things like academics. If the sports team wins a major conference it means even more money for the college. This is not to mention that colleges with great sports teams attract some of the best students.

Using college sports as influence:

The sports programs at major colleges can be a huge draw in bringing in students of all kinds. The most obvious student it will draw are those who are going to school in the pursuit of a career in sports. The better the sports program, the more likely the student will be to have a future in major league sports. The other way that the best college sports campuses like USC, Duke attract students is by students who watch the sports as children. Developing an affinity for a sports team will cause smart students to want to go to school at the college of their favorite team.

Sports distractions at colleges:

While sports are definitely a part of the college lifestyle, they can be cancerous to certain types of students. This is the case in colleges where the students and the school are highly focused on the team, yet the team is unable to deliver. This means that the stands will never be filled and the team will never win a conference. Since sports programs cost money, the college will tend to redirect money which should be for academic programs into a dying or dead sports program. This makes every student suffer.

Sports should be something which is enjoyable and at times they can be. Colleges simply need to make the best decisions for their academic program by making wise decisions about their sports programs. Students also should make decisions on where to go to school based more on the academic programs rather than the sports programs. This will allow them to get the education they need without creating an unnecessary distraction. Just remember why you are going to college and you are sure to make better decisions.

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  1. I’ve always felt that education is more important than sports. Sports, however, give kids a chance to be active. I think that it’s good to have a wide range for kids to be able to do something that expresses who they are.
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