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Can I Teach College Classes with an MBA Degree

teacher-mbaMany graduates who want to expand their career opportunities wonder, “Can I teach college classes with an MBA degree?” The answer to that question is both yes and no because it depends a great deal on what you want to teach and where you want to teach it. Most university professors actually have doctorate degrees and not just MBA degrees. These are the professors who can write papers and apply for grants to get research money as well as qualify for tenure. Some people do teach at universities with only MBA degrees but they are not typically called professors. They’re called instructors and are typically on their way toward a PhD, and there are limits to the classes that they can teach. They usually instruct undergraduate classes in basic business concepts. Many of the instructors at community colleges, however, hold MBA degrees.

You might wonder, “Can I teach college classes with an MBA degree on any topic?” An MBA degree will limit you to the types of courses you can teach. At a community college or a small college where most people hold MBAs as their highest degree, you may be able to teach everything from basic to very advanced concepts in your particular business field. If you teach at a university as an instructor, because there are many people with PhD’s teaching business concepts also, you’ll be limited to the more basic undergraduate classes. The more typical classes taught by people with MBA degrees are things like marketing, accounting, economics and if you’re qualified you may be able to teach some computer courses.

Can I teach college classes with an MBA degree and make enough money? That’s a question that’s probably going through your mind if you’re considering teaching as opposed to working within the business world. Unfortunately, a master’s degree won’t earn you the same teaching salary as a PhD. A full-time professor with a PhD who has not yet received tenure averages about $65,000 a year. The average salary for those who’ve achieved tenure goes up by about $30,000 more per year. But someone teaching with a master’s degree will typically make just under $40,000 a year on average. If you can become a lecturer rather than an instructor with your master’s degree, which is possible at some universities especially if you’re on track to get a PhD, then your annual salary could hit an average of about $45,000 a year. So while you’re asking yourself, “Can I teach college classes with an MBA degree?” you might also want to ask yourself why you would want to. If you’re having trouble finding work in the business world and are considering teaching to supplement your income in the meantime, then it certainly seems like a good alternative. If you’re planning on getting a PhD, then teaching at a lower level to gain experience can also be helpful. But a teaching career with only a master’s degree probably isn’t going to be as lucrative a career as you can achieve using your degree to work within your chosen field.

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  1. Maybe if my MBA, I will be more focused on improving the quality of Education Workers (especially teachers), improving the quality and how to teach them. What I emphasize is that there are teachers in primary schools.
    Thank you ..
    Your article really useful.

  2. Dotschools said on:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you are right about improving the quality of teaching for teachers is a good way to also improve our education system for children.

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  4. Dotschools said on:

    Thanks for the sharing your thoughts. We don’t normally like to post links inside of our comments, but do so if they add value to the post. Your comment with the link you provided, although helpful for your own cause, doesn’t add any additional value to the post and was more of a sale pitch for your website so we removed your link from the anchor text. We look forward to having quality comments on our articles and hope that you provide more insight into your thoughts the next time you add one.

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