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Reason Why College Education Is Important

784498_graduationPeople with a college education can earn more money on average than people that don’t have a college education. This is no secret, but it does show how important college education is today, but for those that don’t think earning more money is enough, the following are some reasons why college education is important.

Studies prove it: Continue your education after high school and you’re likely to make more money than people who stop at high school. As an example, a college graduate can afford to buy a large, flat-screen TV in 1–2 months while a non-college graduate might have to work for 3–4 months to buy the same TV.

Skills for Today’s Jobs: Have More Options – Today, more jobs than ever before require specialized training or a two- or four-year college degree. More education means more choices, and that means more opportunities for you.
Fast Fact: It’s estimated that by 2014, 90% of the fastest-growing careers will require some post-secondary education.

Job Security: Keep Working – Your high school diploma is useful. But a college degree increases your chance of employment by nearly 50%. A two-year degree or even some college can have a positive impact on your ability to find and keep a job, too.
Fast Fact: The higher your education level, the higher your chances of finding and keeping a job.

More Benefits: Get the Important Extras – There’s more to a job than a paycheck. Jobs for college graduates typically offer more and better benefits than jobs requiring just a high school diploma. These can include health insurance and retirement plans you may not get at lower-skill jobs.

Boost your earnings! – It’s common knowledge that more education = more opportunity, which can translate into greater earnings during one’s lifetime.

Higher Salaries: Earn More During Your Career

  • 4-Year Degree - $65,000/yr
  • 2-Year Degree – $38,000/yr
  • High School – $26,000/yr
  • No High School – $18,000/yr

(from the Department of Education)

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Comments to “Reason Why College Education Is Important”

  1. With the economic crisis, is a more degree still increase your chance to earn more?

    More and more companies are laying off high qualified employee with great degrees so they could fit they budget with the crisis.

  2. Dotschools said on:

    Thank you for your comment and valid point. While it’s true several companies have laid off college-educated employees, reports are starting to surface that due to the lack of hiring, recent college grads are becoming the next wave of entrepreneurs. Small business owners are a lifeline in our economy – creating new positions for recent grads and people in general. While anyone can start his or her own business, a college degree can provide indispensable knowledge, networking, and experience that can help a new business succeed.

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