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10 Tips To Ace Any Job Interview

businesswomanGetting a job today is a lot harder than it used to be. There are less jobs, more competition, and better quality candidates as more people have earn higher college degrees.

Being able to differentiate yourself from the competition is vital at being able to secure a job that is worthy of your talents and expertise.

The following ten tips are some ways to help people in the interview process and how they can handle it to make sure they are doing everything they can do land the they want.

10 tips to ace any interview:

  1. Do your research – learn as much as you can about the organization your interviewing for
  2. Have a specific job in mind – this will help you emphasize your specialize and make it easier for the employer to see how you’ll directly benefit the company.
  3. Know your qualifications backwards and forwards – and be able to articulate how those qualifications will impact the organization.
  4. Practice discussing the correlation between your education and job experience and how it relates to the position you’re interviewing for.
  5. Know your personal strengths and weaknesses – it’s likely you’ll be asked to discuss both.
  6. Rehearse - not to the point your answers sound contrived during the actual interview – but enough to where you can recall the information you need to.
  7. Dress to impress no matter what the position. Opt for formal job attire to show you take the position seriously.
  8. Take care of yourself the night before and morning of the interview – it will show in your energy and composure.
  9. Mind your manners – shake the interviewers hand, maintain eye contact and don’t slouch in your chair.
  10. Be prepared – aside from knowing the ins and outs for the company and your qualifications, you should bring identifying materials like a drivers license and social security card in the event you’re hired on the spot!

These tips, along with the motivation to succeed, will help propel you into the right career choice.

(source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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Comments to “10 Tips To Ace Any Job Interview”

  1. Gabriele said on:

    Just in case you were confronted with some unexpected question during a job interview, take note of them afterwards. Also take note of anything unusual which may have happened at the time.

    If you did a good speech at a seminar, bring a recording or video of it.

    If you published any articles for and on behalf of a previous company, analyze them first, before deciding to mention them.

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