10 Steps To Becoming An Educator

The Instructors Leading Our Students

Why are teachers such important figures in education?

Lessons In Becoming A Teacher


The world needs educators and teachers. This was true years ago, and is still true to today. Having the ability to educate someone is a vital part of society and one that more people should be considering. To become an educator today, a person would be required to obtain a college degree in their selected field of study, as well as pass qualification tests to be able to work in the public sector.

The education industry needs more qualified people to help mold and grow our youth today, and to ensure that our children will have the proper education to make a difference. For those that want to get started in a career as an educator, the following are 10 steps to becoming an educator.

10 steps to becoming an educator

  1. Determine what subject you want to teach or in what capacity you want to be involved in an academic environment.
  2. If you do want to teach in a classroom – what grade level?
  3. Research your state’s teaching certification and how you can attain the level of certification necessary for your education goal(s).
  4. Research colleges, universities, online schools that offer accredited bachelor degree programs.
  5. Find out if you need a masters degree in teaching – many states require a masters and it’s important to find out if yours does.
  6. Find out what teaching examinations you’re required to pass such as the PRAXIX exam.
  7. Doctors can be teachers too – do you need a doctoral degree for your educational goals? It’ll be likely if you’re considering becoming a professor.
  8. Special training is required for specialized positions in schools (including principals, upper level district positions, etc.) Employees in these positions can attain a EdS( Educational Specialist) degree which is an intermediate degree for those who manage employees (including teachers) with master’s level educations.
  9. Finding a school is easy – finding the right school that meets your academic and professional goals while fitting into your lifestyle can be a challenge. Find sites that allow you to search by program, class type, location, and more to filter your findings.
  10. During your education – start a career plan and figure out where you want to work, and how you’ll get there.

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