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Social Media In College

What is social media and how does it work with education? Some may wonder. As technology continues to change and expand, the world of social media evolves with it. The popularity of websites is constantly increasing as people discover the multiple ways to network with friends, family, and professionally online.

Through social media a variety of individuals attempt to strengthen their relationships with others whether it is socially or professionally. For instance, thousands of people tend to socialize through websites like FaceBook, or Instagram to keep updated with current events. Not only do these sites keep up with current events they also tell a story of someone’s life. Another common website is Linked-In, which focuses mainly on the professional occupations. These websites are beneficial because many can learn how to use the computer, connect with others, and gain knowledge of different aspects of social media, computer technology, and education.

Social media can have a positive effect in college. Communication in college and through social networking sites is essential because students need to communicate with their professors in each class and surprisingly some professors actually advise their students to contact them through social media. Since they have to work on projects, and do homework students are able to work well and collectively. When people connect more on a personal level they are capable of sharing their ideas more so than being afraid to open up.

Whether you are in college or working, group projects play a huge role. Social media paves a way for people to be comfortable enough to talk to others. Group projects are significant in college because students are able to work with others and they can build their confidence in front of people as well. For business purposes, vendors are able to communicate in meetings through networking programs like Skype or web cam. Skype and web cam makes this easier for business people to connect with others from their office instead of having to travel so much to different areas worldwide.

Not only does social media open doors to a world of connections and communications, but it also allows websites with picture hosting to share, and upload files online. For example, a student can start their homework in class on the computer, and then finish their homework at home on the house computer. This is a way that can be more convenient for some because they can access their work on any computer at any time.

With technology growing so rapidly, some people might fall behind in trying to keep up with social media updates. By staying attached to social networking and social media people will continue to learn about how this online community can be resourceful even for their education. Many have failed to see that educational connections either online or through your everyday life can improve your education understanding and skills for a prosperous future.

©2014 By: Rachel Laulu

College Student Life

As far as being a college student, where does your daily, weekly or monthly schedule begin and end?  What is student life like?  College is a whole different academic world than high school.  You are pretty much in charge of your own schedule.  Teachers aren’t going to escort you to class if they see you lingering somewhere in the halls or quad.   Classes you’re enrolled in won’t take place every hour (unless you want it this way of course).  Your courses could be during the day or evening.  You appoint your own breaks and meal periods and no one is breathing down your neck to behave.  There are also more people, groups who gather for pupil study groups, enormous sporting events, parties, sororities, fraternities, campus/dorm living.  Whatever activities you choose to participate in, make sure it doesn’t make you lethargic and affect your studies.  The disciplinarian here is you.

Every person has a specifically designed day.  You may have a friend who attends the same college, who has a completely different schedule.  But this could be a positive thing, you may even find that having schedules that aren’t so similar being a good thing.  Fitting in time to mingle and catch up might actually be unchallenging.  The course schedule also differs, in the respect that, you aren’t required to attend that same class every day.  A particular class might be every other day or once a week.  Then again, maybe your end goal is to earn your degree quickly and you want a full day of classes.  There is nothing wrong with being ahead of schedule.  Just be aware, that the more manic your schedule is, the more prone you are to burning yourself out.  College should be paced and not rushed.

Some people even hold a part time or full time jobs while they’re attending college.  Some students work as interns as well.  There are certain jobs that employ students as interns on a probationary basis (most times to work for free) and give them college credit for their work experience.  Occasionally, a student might be offered a paid internship or even the opportunity to work for the company once they graduate from college.  With this type of opportunity being granted it seems to be one of the perks of being a college student.  Finding a job after graduating from college can prove to be grueling for some.  But interning gives them a bit of an introduction to the workforce and may even lead to an actual job.

Studying and homework differs in college as well.  Projects and assignments have serious deadlines that if ignored or not completed can affect the grade or prompt a student’s immediate withdrawal from the course.  Exams are also more intense and can mean the difference between having to take the course over again and actually passing the class.  A good cardinal rule to follow is to pay close attention to your lessons of your instructor and not to allow any interruptions from things outside of your student realm.

You may also find in college a whole new set of people aside from the friends and associates you had in high school.  People come from all over to attend college.  Students could be foreign, vary in age and situations.  College is an entrance to a whole new world.  You have your fresh out of high school students, working professionals, and even an older group of individuals who have went back to school to finally get their degree.  It’s always best to keep an open mind when you first encounter other students/people in college, because you might be able to share and exchange ideas at some point.  Projecting a welcoming spirit, by congregating with diverse groups of individuals and learning from one another can tremendously enrich your college life; not only does this reflect your capability to network but it shows that you are willing to try new things and that you are open to receiving knowledge from others.

©2014 By:Chiante Mataitusi

Financial Aid Check List For Adults Going Back to School

Are you and an adult thinking about going back to school? Want to know how to prepare for college or career school?

A check list from the U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education has provided Checklist for adults who are thinking of applying to college, including those who left high school before graduating, graduated high school, completed some college courses, or may be in the workforce.

To Do:

  • Look into getting a General Educational Development (GED) certificate if you don’t have a high school diploma; try searching online for “GED certificate” and your state’s name.
  • Check the Yellow Pages and ask employers to recommend schools that provide training in the skills you will need for the career you choose.
  • Ask your employer if assistance is available to help you pay for school.
  • Get to know the financial aid staff at the school you plan to attend; they can help you with aid applications and explain the types of aid available.

To Explore:

Going Back To College?

Why is going back to college on your mind lately? Is it because your degree or certificate will help you get a better job or promotion? Are you bored and going back to college is a way out of your current situation? Are you retired and want the thrill of working for a degree you’ve always desired by going back to college?

Does Your Company Offer Tuition Reimbursement When Going Back To College?
Many companies offer to reimburse employees for the cost of going back to college. They stand to benefit when you go back to college. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, take advantage of the opportunity. You get an education and a better job, and they get a smarter, more-skilled employee. Everybody wins when you go back to college.

teacher-mbaDo I Have Time to Go Back To College?

Life demands different things of us at different stages. Is this a good time for you to go back to college? Do you have the time you’ll need to go to class, read, and study? Will you still have time to work, to enjoy your family, to live your life if you go back to college?

Is Going Back to College Easier Online?
Yes. With online colleges offering every type of degree or certificate possible, online college courses save time and money. Whether you take classes at home, work or at your local coffee shop, going back to college can be much easier with online courses. Many online course even offer night and weekend classes since they know a large portion of students going back to college work during the day.

Going back to college and want to know which online college is right for you?apply

What Is a 529 Plan?

Parents need to save for college for their kids from a young age. Tuition and fees have been increasing year after year while the economy remains a challenge. With a 529 Plan there are ways to get started on saving up for college expenses.

What is a 529 Plan?

Families can save money through a 529 plan that allows tax-free financial contributions to the plan with the goal of using the funds to pay their child’s college tuition. 529 plans are available in every US state.

Any earnings kept within the 529 plan are not taxed, and all withdrawals for qualified educational expenses are federal income tax-free. These tax advantages can greatly enhance the amount you have to spend on college.

Your 529 plan beneficiary can use the money to pay for tuition, certain housing costs, books, and mandatory fees.

Parent or Student Funded 529 Plan?

Students can open their own 529 Plan, but the benefits are slightly offset by the way your financial aid package is calculated. Student assets are always used at a higher rate than parent assets when it comes to figuring out financial aid.

The 529 College Savings Plan can be funded by parents, grandparents, or anyone else who wants to save for a child’s education. There are no limits on age, income, or relationship to the beneficiary.

College Savings Calculator

What Do I Need to Know about College Admissions Essays?

The college admissions essay is a student’s chance to really jump off the page and make an impression by standing out from everyone else that has applied.

College Admissions EssaysMake Your Personal Statement Personal

Focus less on finding the perfect topic than on thinking about what you want a reader to know about you at the end of the college admissions essay. The personal statement should be a sample of the your best writing, demonstrating the development of a theme, an idea. Think about how your college admissions essay adds to and fills in the rest of your application, adding depth and breadth to the picture of you as a whole person.

No Need for Exotic, Extreme or Life Changing Themes

The college admissions essay doesn’t have to be about something exotic, or extreme, or life changing. The college admissions essay needs to be about you—who you are, what is important and meaningful to you. However, don’t be too explicit, either, and keep it brief. Admissions officers are looking for insight into you as a real person, so think about your essay, and take care in preparing it. Most of all, proofread. The spell-check program will never substitute for your brain.

Follow Directions & Use Spell Check!

Don’t exceed the maximum amount of words. Beyond demonstrating that you have trouble following instructions, many admissions counselors have limited time to read your essay and could be put off if it goes on too long.

Top 40 Affordable Online Colleges & Remote Education Universities

I bet you didn’t know that there were so many affordable online colleges to choose from. Which one fits your career ambitions best? Request additional information to find out about the online colleges that offer the college degree that you want. Plus, you can choose the online college based on affordability, credentials, or degree offerings.

blue ribbonTop 40 Affordable Online Colleges

  • American InterContinental University Online
  • American Sentinel University Online
  • Anthem College Online
  • Arizona State University Online
  • Ashford University Online
  • Beckfield College Online
  • Boston University Online
  • California College Online
  • Capella University Online
  • Career Point College Online
  • Carrington College California Online Campus
  • College America Online
  • Colorado Technical University
  • DeVry University Online
  • Dover College Online
  • Full Sail University Online
  • Harrison College Online
  • Herzing University Online
  • ITT Online
  • Jones International University Online
  • Kaplan University Online
  • Keiser University Online
  • Keller Graduate School of Management Online
  • Laurus College Online
  • Liberty University Online
  • Midway College Online
  • Miller-Motte College Online
  • Minnesota School of Business Online
  • National American University Online
  • New England College Online
  • Northwestern College Online
  • Saint Leo University Online
  • Sierra Nevada College Online
  • South University Online
  • Stevens-Henager Online
  • The Los Angeles Film School Online
  • University of the Rockies
  • University of Phoenix
  • Virginia College Online
  • Western International University Online
  • Westwood College Online Campus
  • apply
    Affordable Online Colleges can help you get a better career on your own time. Offering classes on nights and weekends makes it easy to get a college degree from a remote education university. Online colleges are affordable since you don’t pay for gas, parking, eating out, childcare or any other expense from attending a campus based college. Financial aid may be available making online colleges even more affordable.

    Is a College Degree Important?

    As you consider the college you want to attend, or consider going back to college, you may ask yourself. “Is a college degree important?”

    Caution College Degree Needed1) With the sheer amount of job candidates and the unemployment rate near 9%, a college degree can help you stand out.

    2) Companies see someone with a college degree as an employee that will complete tasks, stay the course, commit to the employer and stick around for a substantial amount of time. The college degree is important because it proves your sacrifice to spend 2 to 4 years attending college and getting your diploma.

    3) Some top companies won’t even consider a candidate unless they have a college degree. This makes having a college degree important.

    Why else is a College Degree Important?

    While knowledge can be powerful, a college degree can also help boost your earning potential. Fulfill Your Earning Potential Annual earnings based on degree. The Department of Education

    - 4-Year Degree – $53,000 / year
    - 2-Year Degree – $39,000 / year
    - High School – $32,000 / year
    - No High School – $24,000 / Year

    Start a career in one of Today’s Hottest Industries:

    Arts Degree
    Business Degree
    Computer Degree
    Counseling and Psychology Degree
    Criminal Justice Degree
    Culinary Degree
    Degree Completion Degree
    Dental Degree
    Education Degree
    Engineering Degree
    English Degree
    Massage Degree
    MBA Degree
    Mechanical Degree
    Medical Degree
    Nursing Degree
    Other Degree
    Religion Degree
    Veterinary Degree
    Science Degree
    Arts and Sciences Degree
    Communications Degree
    Environmental Studies Degree
    • Arts Degree
    • Business Degree
    • Computer Degree
    • Counseling and Psychology Degree
    • Criminal Justice Degree
    • Culinary Degree
    • Degree Completion Degree
    • Dental Degree
    • Education Degree
    • Engineering Degree
    • English Degree
    • Massage Degree
    • MBA Degree
    • Mechanical Degree
    • Medical Degree
    • Nursing Degree
    • Other Degree
    • Religion Degree
    • Veterinary Degree
    • Science Degree
    • Arts and Sciences Degree
    • Communications Degree
    • Environmental Studies Degree

    Now when you ask yourself, “Is a college degree important?” You know the answer, “Yes it is.”

    Valuable Side Jobs While Working on your Online Degree From Home

    Those who are working on their online degree from home are working to further their career and improve their future. With that being said, those who are looking for an online degree from home may be concerned with their current financial situation as well as their educational future.  DotSchools will show how students can find harmony between work and college when trying to earn their online degree.

    Some people simply need to work to earn a few dollars each week as they work on their online degree. There are plenty of side jobs that can supply work at home for those who are being educated in the comfort of their own home. There are plenty of valuable side jobs that can be found and performed as you work to complete your online degree from home.

    Freelance Writing

    Those with strong English skills and writing skills should consider freelance writing as they work on their online degree. Freelance writing allows you to work at home, writing articles for companies and websites. The only equipment necessary for this job is a computer. Those who work in the freelance writing field can expect to see varying amounts as far as pay is concerned, meaning there’s room to negotiate.

    Data Entry

    Data entry jobs are available in most industries, and are ideal side jobs for those with quick keyboard skills and the ability to focus on entering information for hours at a time.  The skills required to land a data entry job may include typing a certain number of words a minute, or having experience with shorthand typing.  A keen eye that can identify misinformation that was entered is a plus too – something an online student would likely be adept at.   Data entry jobs also require a computer, and also have a wide variety of payment amounts. Data entry jobs are generally quality, providing secure ways for those getting an online degree from home to make money.

    Graphic Design

    Those with computer skills, design skills, and design software skills may find side work in the graphic design field. Graphic design allows individuals to exercise their creative muscles and can provide them with steady income. Individuals charge for graphic design by the hour; the amount you charge will change based on your current skill level and experience.  As far as computer software goes, graphic designers will generally need to be comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Experience is helpful too so having a portfolio of past design work ready may create more opportunities when looking for side work.

    Freelance Translation

    If you have the ability to speak multiple languages, you’re an ideal candidate to be an online translator.  There are plenty of different types of lingual requests on the internet for translation skills. People need full pieces of text – both for business and personal reasons – translated correctly and in a short period of time.  This job is perfect for those who are completely fluent in two or more languages and are able to write in multiple languages as well.   Demand for online translation services may fluctuate depending on the given industry; however one could easily promote the service to those people or businesses that may have not considered it before.

    Each job requires a different skill set, providing different opportunities for different individuals. If you are working toward your online degree from home, these variety of jobs discussed in this article could provide valuable extra income and also work with an already busy schedule packed with class and studying.

    Accommodate Family Needs While Earning A Degree From Home

    the family - school balancing act It is important for individuals to take the time that they need to secure their new degree. With that being said, it is also important for family members to be a part of their family, even when working on their new degree from home. It is important for these individuals to work on balancing personal life while earning a college degree.

    Mothers and fathers need to make sure that they are putting as much time into their family life as they are putting into their scholastic life. These different tips and tricks will help these family members to incorporate their academic life with their family life.

    Family Schedule Using Software/Online Tools

    The easiest way for you to work to meet all of your family’s needs is to set up a family schedule. A family schedule will help you as you work on balancing personal life while earning a college degree from home. You will be able to see when your family needs you, and they will be able to see when you need time to study. This simply helps to bring the family on the same page and increases overall communication. There are plenty of different free online tools that will provide you with a scheduler system for your family.

    Plan For Quality Time in Advance and Stick With It

    Fit in times for spending quality time with your family in the family schedules that you create. By planning for quality time in advance, you can be sure that you are spending that important time with your family. Even on weeks of difficult class homework or class tests, make these quality time moments happen.

    Communicate Clearly What Type of Environment You Need to Study Effectively

    You need to be open and honest with your family about your needs. Balancing personal life while earning a college degree from home requires you to tell your family the setting that you need for success. Let them know when you need to study, how many distractions and questions you can handle, and how much noise you can handle.

    Give Children More Responsibility

    Looking to open up more time for studying while trying to help out your family? Give your kids more responsibility. They will feel as if you trust them more, and will be preoccupied with their jobs as you work on studying.

    Set Group Study Times

    Balancing personal life while earning a college degree can involve incorporating your family into your academic life. Set family study times, where your kids work on studying for their school as you work on studying for your own. This type of bonding can be seen as quality time. In the same breath, it works to make sure that you and your children are getting in the studying that you need to be successful.

    These different tips and tricks are going to provide you with the tools that you need to continue to be a strong member of your family. There are too many people who focus on their own educational needs while ignoring their family needs. Balancing personal life while earning a college degree from home will help you to keep your family together as you work toward your degree.

    How Social Media Can Enhance Your Online Education

    Social media websites continue to be popular, as more and more people become a part of these growing online communities. Individuals and businesses alike are learning to utilize these website for more than just friendships; people are using these websites to strengthen the other relationships that they have in their lives. People are connecting with others to improve all aspects of their lives, including their online educational lives.

    People who are attending an online college can use social media to enhance their experience. There are plenty of different benefits that can be had by those who work to enhance their online college experience with social media.

    Group Projects

    Group projects are an important part of any online college degree, and are an important part of any online college experience. Individuals will know how to work with different people in the workplace because they learned how to deal with them as they worked toward their online degree.

    Social media makes it easier for you to talk to and work with the people who are in your group. As you cannot meet in person, social media gives you a platform to hold meetings, toss around ideas, and execute plans. Social media will enhance your online college experience by improving the group project aspect of an online degree.


    Communication is an incredibly important part of the online college experience. You need to be able to easily communicate with your professors in every class. You also need to be able to connect and communicate with people in your classes. They can help to answer tricky homework questions, or can provide study resources that you may not have found. Social media allows different classmates to connect on a more persona level. People share ideas and are generally more helpful when they can easily communicate and connect with the people in their classes.


    Social media does more than provide connections and communications with one another. These websites often enhance your online college experience by providing you with storage options. Social media websites that allow for picture hosting and file sharing make life easier for the average college student; by saving your files online, you can access them from any computer that can connect to the Internet. This helps individuals who piece their online degree classes together through different computers and locations.

    There are plenty of different people who are afraid of social media. They have yet to embrace the various benefits that can be had by a close connection with different forms of social media. These people fail to recognize the educational connections that can improve understanding and education. If you are going through online schooling, you should work to understand how social media can enhance your social experience. The changes that you make and the social media exercises that you become a part of can be a big part of your overall educational success.

    Check out our latest article on this topic: Social Media In College

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