Early Childhood Education

Associate's Degrees In Teaching

Can you lead a classroom of pupils? If you can instruct students and create lessons, teaching could be your field.

Early Childhood Education

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An associate's degree in early childhood education could prepare you for a career as a teacher. It could also provide you the opportunity to make a smooth passage from an associate's degree in early childhood education to a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or another related field.

Teacher and formulas.

Teacher Writing Formulas In Classroom

Learning All About Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is a program intended for aspiring educators and teachers; it is where they learn how to productively instruct young children.

Early Childhood Education Degree Program

To earn an associate's degree in early childhood education, you could enroll in either online or campus based classes. The typical early childhood education program may consist of an Introduction to Early Childhood Education, English Composition I, Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Child Development and Introduction to Literature.

Deciding On The Right School

If you find yourself unsure of which school is best for you. It is always best to research each school in depth, that way you can figure out which degree program will best suit your needs.

Here are a few online schools that offer associate's degree programs in early childhood education:

  • Penn Foster
  • Ashford University
  • Liberty University

There are also some campus based schools, that offer associate's degree programs in early childhood education, such as:

  • Post University
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Pima Community College

Role Models In Education

Schools, classrooms and students all over the globe rely heavily on them. "They" are looked up to, regarded as role models, mentors, inspirational and motivational figures. So who are "they" exactly? "They" are teachers. Other than parents, family members and friends, a teacher is part of that integral next group of people, a child encounters when they first start school. Some teachers leave an everlasting imprint in the lives of their students. The ritual of learning comes easy for some and then for others even comprehending basic subjects can be challenging. Teachers have gained the necessary knowledge and skills, (through education, earned credentials and certifications) to be able to design or implement curriculums or lesson plans that students could follow effectively. Teachers also have learned to exhibit both disciplinary and compassionate tactics in order to iron out issues or matters students may be having.

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