About Us

DotSchools Is A Source For Continuing Education

Our mission is to provide aspiring college students with an academic and career search engine, where they can find the right classes, best schools and career information, all in one place.

The Main Focus of Dotschools is Education

We wanted to make the search for college classes and schools easier. So our site features, academic articles, featured courses, lists of campus-based and online schools, career information and educational blogs.

Why Choose DotSchools?


DotSchools is a reliable tool where you can turn to for education information. We have a team of developers and content experts who are consistently working around the clock to update the site with the latest data and suggestions regarding, classes, schools and occupations.

Classes and Schools

We have compiled an expansive detailed listing of subjects, courses and academic institutions. Whether you choose to attend a campus-based college or an online school, by simply navigating through DotSchools, you can find more information on various and specific degree programs.

Career Information and More...

Many potential students have utilized DotSchools to help them, with not only their search for classes and schools, but also to give them information on careers, financial assistance, academic updates and educational tips.

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